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  • We ship with world renown companies FEDEX and UPS.
  • You save up to 60% due to our high volume of shipping.
  • Each export shipment carries $300.00 of insurance free of charge.
  • True online tracking, all the way to the final destination.
  • Easy online shipping. Pay online Print shipping labels online, Schedule Courier Pickup online



I am writing this letter in reference to Alice. I shipped five boxes from Las Vegas, Nevada to Chengdu, China using your company’s services. Alice contacted me first thing Monday morning (I had completed my paperwork online late Sunday) and helped me every step of the way. She took the time to explain to me about duties and taxes (which I knew little about) and confirmed all of the information that I had entered was correct, some of which I had inadvertently entered incorrectly. Alice then took the time to resubmit my paperwork with me and explain step-by-step what would happen next as I printed mailing labels, commercial invoices and dropped my boxes off for shipment. Alice knew that I was stressed during this time of transition and really took the time to make sure that I felt good and confident about shipping my things with your company. She was personable, knowledgeable and genuine. Alice took the time to answer all of my questions and follow-up with me accordingly. I seldom write letters for good customer service, but I felt compelled to write a letter on behalf of Alice because her customer service skills were exceptional. I would ship with your company again and recommend your company’s services to anyone based on my positive interactions with Alice. Being in a leadership/management position, I understand how difficult it can be to find quality people. Alice is definitely a quality, knowledgeable person with extraordinary people skills. She represents your company well! Thank you again and please pass along my additional thanks to Alice!
Shanna Mack

Keep up the great work - Please don't change a thing.
Lord David

I am in Bangkok, Thailand and needed to send some boxes from UT where my daughter is studying right now. Alice gave WONDERFUL customer assistance and services. I seldom meet employees that are so cheerful, helpful, kind, and happy to do what she is doing. She responded to my emails promptly and professionally; we were able to get everything done with her great help. I want to thank you Alice and IPS for helping me solve my problems smoothly. Wishing you a very good and growing business I will be passing your company along to all my friends.
Kitty Wong

I have been using IPS for about a year and think that the service is excellent. Not only am I able to get my emails answered in a timely manner I get my packages the same way. I have recommended IPS to many of my friends and will continue to do so since I know that they will receive the same type of service.
Carl Freeland

We greatly appreciate Alice Thompson's help, which is really professional, fast and complete. We appreciate the low cost and this has been our best experience with shipping. We will work with this great company for all of our international shipping, for many years to come.
David Shi

Alice was so helpful! She stayed late at work to help me get a delivery and pick up processed. If everyone did customer service like her what a great world it would be!
Jeffrey Lestz

Thank you very much for your kind service. I got my package to Sri Lanka within 3 days. I will use your service again. Regards,

I have had the best experience with Alice Thompson. She personally walked me through the entire process. Making it a truly painless experience for a FIRST TIME shipper. I would recommend this company to anyone . This level of personal attention does not exist anymore in the current business climate.
David St.Etienne

I am really happy with the service offered. I thought it a little weird at first that you just forward your packages to this address, but it's just that. From there on it is smooth sailing. I wanted to experiment with a small package, but I got tempted and eventually ended up shipping 42lbs in one shipment to South Africa! They are very honest and straight forward about their policies. I have interacted with Kimber, Stacie and Terri and I must say that I am super impressed! There are many more packages that will go through IPS Parcel for me!
Eshwar Andhavarapu

Just a note of thanks for “telling me what to do”. I needed help on shipping 6 packages to France and not only did you provide it, you did so in a friendly and helpful manner. I will recommend you to anyone I deal with. Tell management that your website is very good but that the way all of you deal with customers is what will help increase revenue and ensure return business. Yes you saved me a lot of money, over $1,200 for the same FedEx shipment, but your service and systems would have made the deal, even if the costs were the same. Again… Thank You. John

Alice Thompson should be given a raise or a monthly bonus, at the very least. She is awesome! She is so polite on the phone. Thank you. Regards, Andrew Keenan
Alice Thompson

This was my first time to use IPS Parcel Services. I am sending my personal belongings to China (3 suitcases) for my one year stay there from Noblesville, IN. I was not able to complete the online process, as my first credit card was declined (I have been purchasing quite a bit on this card in anticipation of my trip). So I tried a second card....I eventually called the 800 line. Alice answered and calmed me down. She said she could look me up and let me know what had happened. When some of the work took some time, she said she would call me back. And she did!! For a variety of reasons, mostly my computer problems and my novice status at this, it took a couple of hours to get things straight. But Alice stayed with me the whole time! I was able to reach her to confirm everything at all the different stages. She was very confident that we would be able to solve my issues and schedule a pick up for tomorrow! This was the most amazing service I have received in a very long time. My mind is at ease and I am so thankful I don't have to handle 4 large suitcases aboard Delta Airlines and be charged $1700.00 for my flights: Indy to LA to Honolulu to Japan to Beijing to Weifang. Your company provides a needed service to the global economy and your service is excellent with caring, real people.
Susan Jennings Manterfield

I have shipped with IPS Parcel several times in the past and the support staff has always provided excellent assistance. It appears IPS Parcel continues to enhance their online process. I couldn't be happier for a fast and customer friendly transaction. I will continue to recommend IPS Parcel to friends and family.
Kirt M.DeVecht

This was my first experience with IPS, at first I was skeptical because I had not heard of your company and your price was 1/2 of the competitor for the same service. But I went ahead and filled out the forms on the website after which I immediately received a confirmation. Because of past experiences of shipping products overseas that never arrived, I decided to call customer service to confirm all was well. What a wonderful experience that was. For a minute I thought I had called SWA because they are known for their great customer service. A nice lady Alice, answered the phone, answered all of my questions and even followed up with details of what we had spoken about to make sure the shipment would be seamless. Thanks to Alice's efforts the whole experience was seamless. My package was picked up the same day for delivery in China. Thank you IPS and Alice for your great customer service. Allen Wilson, President Smart-i-Tag and Conceptual Ventures llc
Allen Wilson

We are very happy to have found you. Our regular freight company could not get our package to Australia, but you promised you could...and you came through for us big time..and for $300 less than our regular company's quote! Here is what our very happy customer emailed me yesterday: "For future reference that delivery service was fantastic, it all went like clockwork." So thanks, IPS. Next time we come to you FIRST. Cindy, Blevins Instruments
Cindy Blevins

Great Rates. This is 100 times easier than the other websites. The staff is friendly and helpful.
Kim Tierney

Terri is very friendly and helpful. The re-pack of my packages saved me over $100.00.

Alice you are truly amazingly awesome and judging by all the comments, I'm not the only one who thinks so. Two thumbs up!

What an awsome service, parcel picked up 30 minutes after making the booking. Alice you are great, thanks for everything. WIll definitely recommend your service and will be using very soon again.

I received excellent service and an imcomparable rate. Alice helped me with the details of my shipment and really followed through for me. I will be doing all my overseas shipping with IPS.
Julie Laffin

I would like to say that the very friendly and helpful service I received from Alice was beyond the call of duty and it makes me very pleased to have found IPS. Alice has sold herself and her company so well and she is a great asset to any business.
Brendan Pickett

I ship about 2 or 3 times a week and any time I have a question Terri is always there to help. Most of the time I use the DHL service and my package always makes it. I will be and have been recommending IPS to my friends and family. Thank you Terri EXCELENT SERVICE AS ALWAYS.
C.N. Freeland

i always ship ipsparcel i have excelent services from terri keep using all time
C. Freeland

Stacy @ your 800 # was sooo very helpful and friendly, this was my first time using your company and I will continue using your site. Thank you
Carole Fessler

Alice was the nicest and most helpful Customer Service Rep. I have ever talked with in my many years. I could not have accomplished what I needed without her. Her sense of humor and personality were awesome. I only wish all reps could be like her.....how pleasant it would be. Your company should be very proud of her. It was certainly a pleasure for me working with her. Elizabeth b. Hawkins
Alice Thompson

It is a great company,i am very much satisfied with you services.
Mohamed Naeem Ali

I shipped a rather large 40 lb parcel from San Clemente, Ca to Brisbane, Australia on Friday afternoon and it arrived at the destination the next Tuesday with no issues or delays. The whole sign-up, payment, paperwork process took only a few minutes after a short call to Terri to make sure that this minimal effort/paperwork was all that was really required. After wasting hours with the FedEx and UPS websites on paperwork, and the sticker shock of very high rates which changed after every "save" of the form data, I turned to IPS Parcel and felt it may be too good to be true, but it was in fact completely as stated. The package went with FedEx and arrived faster than the FedEx website quoted date, at a fraction of the cost. It tracked through the normal FedEx system with twice daily updates. Great service and I will spread the word to other friends overseas, and to those shipping overseas. Thanks, ..............Steve

I would like to thank Kimber of your company for the great customer service that was displayed and the help that was given to me. Kimber made me feel secure and sure about using your service to ship stuff that i order. cheers to kimber on a job well do. Keep up the good work kimber and Ips
Rudell Williams

I have been using IPSPARCEL to ship goods from USA to my home address since I learned about their service and signed up. Have managed to get stuffs shipped over which I could not have done with other courier services. Heaviest item shipped to me from the States was a whopping 90lb. And the item arrived in tip top shape. Please keep up the good work and continue to be our trusted courier agent. Thanks to the team at IPS parcel. Keep smiling
CM Chong

Best service ever. Hussle free. Highly recomended

Great Service Please come up with one for Local within the US Shipments Where we can again benefit from Volume Pricing
Ben Bornstein

Great service and you guys did exactly as promised I highly recommend to anyone who needs to ship to Dubai from the USA

You have done it above and beyond your advertisment. Omg excellent price timely delivery I could not ask.for more. The package arrived so fast I wish I could use your services for Europe as well. Pls let me know when you start shipments from Europe I will be the first to sign up. I almost forgot you have an awesome friendly informative assuring and helpful customer service team your business will go far. I am a new loyal customer and I will spread the word

Im from France, and since more than 5 years working with IPSparcel they do a great job

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