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  • We ship with world renown companies FEDEX and UPS.
  • You save up to 80% due to our high volume of shipping.
  • Each export shipment carries $300.00 of insurance free of charge.
  • True online tracking, all the way to the final destination.
  • Easy online shipping. Pay online Print shipping labels online, Schedule Courier Pickup online



If you are shipping to LATVIA, our company offers the best International Shipping rates. Due to our high volume of International Shipments, we negotiate deep discounts with major carriers like Fedex, UPS and pass our savings to you. You can see some of our shipping rates below. If you would like to get an instant online quote for shipping to LATVIA, please fill in the form below and you will see your instant shipping quote of up to 80% off regular shipping rates.

You can prepare your shipment online and receive your shipping labels by e-mail. You can schedule a free pick up for your packages and track your shipment all the way to final destination. We will also offer you free insurance coverage of $300.00. You can also purchase additional insurance. Your packages will be delivered to recipient's door in LATVIA.

Following is our shipping rates to LATVIA. If you would like to get a specific rate for your shipment, please fill in your shipment details below and you will see your rate instantly. Our company offers free $300.00 insurance and free pick up from your door.

Weight (Lbs) Air Cargo Logo
Air Cargo
3 - 6 Days
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3 - 5 Days
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2 - 3 Days
UPS Logo
3 - 5 Days
UPS Logo
2 - 3 Days
1 $21.23 $30.32 $47.79 $37.35 $58.12
5 $46.40 $66.29 $84.09 $58.65 $71.17
10 $69.97 $99.96 $103.00 $82.69 $87.32
15 $94.11 $134.44 $148.14 $121.96 $131.67
25 $127.52 $182.17 $188.84 $163.10 $168.09
50 $232.50 $332.14 $393.93 $302.58 $350.15
Max $10,000

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